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Virtual Healthcare Services

We're committed to modernizing healthcare with our approach to mental health, physical rehabilitation & wellness care.

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Online Mental Health Services

Our online psychotherapists and counsellors are here to help. Connect with us, if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, grief, or in need of couples therapy.

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Online Physical Therapy

Connect with our physiotherapists and chiropractors for concerns related to the neck, low back, arm, and legs. Whether it be for a second opinion, or to receive care from the convenience of your home.

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Online Wellness Care

Are you interested in wellness care through proper exercise and dietary guidance? Whether you are looking to achieve a healthy body weight or looking to improve your level of physical activity, our team of dietitians, naturopathic doctors, fitness professionals, and more are here to help.

Virtual Care Rehab Featured in Forbes!

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Why Is Virtual Care Rehab Modernizing Healthcare In Leaps And Bounds?

Virtual Care Rehab: What makes us different?

Founded in 2020, Virtual Care Rehab has emerged as a pioneer and leader in the field, setting an example in the implementation of online multidisciplinary care for mental health and physical rehabilitation through virtual healthcare services. We also pride ourselves in the developments surrounding hybridized models of clinical care - the art of balancing in-person care and virtual care.

We've developed our philosophy of care through a patient-first approach. We demonstrate this commitment by taking the time to thoroughly understand the needs, desires, and concerns of both our patients and communities.

Why Should I support Virtual Care Rehab?

Choosing to support Virtual Care Rehab, whether as a patient, healthcare provider, affiliate or strategic partner, empowers us to deliver care that truly meets the needs of our communities while preserving the values of in-person clinical care. Your involvement serves as the impetus behind our commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and guiding the implementation that strikes the balance of hybridized healthcare.

Virtual Care Rehab: Service Areas and Coverage

Virtual Care Rehab takes pride in offering virtual healthcare services across Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Currently, we provide a unique hybridized clinical approach—combining virtual and in-person care—for services like chiropractic and physical therapy in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, and Oshawa. Our mental health and dietetic providers offer virtual care services tailored to their respective provinces. Please be aware that access to virtual care services depends on your province of residence or specific professional restrictions enforced by the VCR team.

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