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Looking to learn about one of the most important activities that you do on a daily basis - EATING FOOD. Consuming food is an activity that we do on a daily basis and yet few of us truly understand what we are consuming and it's potential consequences to your overall health. Registered Dietitian's are perfectly positioned to help you become food literate. Through a Virtual Care Rehab Registered Dietitian, you can learn how to improve your cooking and food preparation techniques from within the comfort of your own home.  


Virtual dietitian's can help you and your family with:

  • Achieving a healthy body weight.

  • Plan healthy meals and snack.

  • Develop strategies related to unwanted eating behaviours.

  • Reduce the risk of developing illness or disease.

  • Learn how to manage special diets, allergies, and food sensitivities/intolerances.

  • Manage various chronic diseases and digestive concerns.

Ontario Dietitian

VCR Patient Portal

Note: To serve you better, we've created this portal.  Please use this portal to schedule online appointments, join events and/or connect with other clinicians within our community.
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