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VCR Collaborative Community Initiatives

   Modernizing Healthcare


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Virtual Care Rehab is pleased to announce our Strategic Partnership Initiatives. The purpose of these initiatives is to create a collaborative network where all members of the community can contribute to the advancement of virtual healthcare technologies now and in the future.

Our nationwide initiative is to bring together healthcare professionals from ALL disciplines, community leaders, researchers, colleges/universities, start-ups, small & medium sized companies, and families within our communities.

Virtual Care Rehab is determined to be a national asset of unity. 

Get involved and become a part of the future of healthcare with us. 

Our Story

Virtual Care Rehab started with a promise - to bring together a few good people for the right reasons so that the challenges of the past can bring a better future.

We have achieved our initial mission by having dedicated healthcare professionals and a network committed to asking the right question... How do our actions of today affect our future? Our team of clinicians has been working diligently to be a positive influence within this ever growing industry. 

We now ask for all members of the community to join us on this mission of making healthcare accessible to all! We need communities, organizations and charities to come together to influence the direction of the digital healthcare industry.

We need to ensure that the development and implementation of these technologies are utilized for the advancement of patient-centred care, and to compensate for shortcomings in the healthcare system.

Virtual Care Rehab strives to serve the patients of the present and future. 

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